We are in the business of predicting the future.  And we have one now.

 Based on the IHMI Pandemic Forecast, we have mapped out a plan of action for you.

A few important notes (March 15):   As of April 17, this outlook remains accurate.

  • For the next few weeks, news will be grim and economic indicators will be down.

  • Different areas will manage uniquely.  Pay attention to changes by region and state.

  • Regions that test in volume, isolate and mitigate (masks etc.) will rebound first.

  • Consumer demand will adjust quickly - you need to be ready for the spikes.

  • Those who plan and prepare now will win.  Warren Buffet buys when the market drops.

Here is our three-phase recommendation with a timeline. 

Phase 1 (April) : Forecast, Plan, Lead

Set a course and contingency plan knowing that things will change.  The better your plan, the faster you can see when you are off course and the smarter your adjustments will be.


Phase 2 (April - June) : Execute, Adjust, Repeat

For many companies, cash will be more important than profitability.  Conditions will change so stay tuned to your market & resources.  Review metrics and make smart, measured changes.


Phase 3 (May, June, July) : Prepare for growth and market share

Those who have the team in place and inventories ready will thrive and gain market share.  We want your company to be ready for the upside  -- you navigated the downside.



It takes a team to win.  Here is your team.


AMZ Advisors

Optimize Amazon spend.  Organize strategies for Amazon growth when it arrives.





Sayva Solutions

Accounting and cash flow support and guidance obtaining SBA Crisis funds.





Think LLP

Highly expert Tax advice.  These are the guys the CPA's call for tax solutions.

Ready for Phase 1 but not sure how to start? 

We make it easy.

We're so confident we can help you -  for qualified companies - we'll get you started for free**.

What you get.  
  1.  A 12 month forecast by SKU to manage ordering and future demand.

  2. We'll calculate adjustments needed to meet demand or proactively manage shortages.

  3. ​A revenue plan and cash flow strategies to ensure continued profitability throughout the crisis.

How it Works.
  1.  We use advanced analytical models to calculate future sales by SKU.

  2. We compare existing inventories and product-on-order to forecast:

    • Inventory levels by day for 52 weeks.​

    • Amount of cash needed to support sales needs.

    • Expected revenues

  3. We guide your purchases at every step. ​

    • Reorder Quantities​

    • Overstock / Understock

    • Inventory totals at any time forward

  4. Predicting: Revenues, Gross Margin, Cash Flow, Lead Order Demand, Safety Stock, ROP, Reorder Quantities and more.

**You will get a sub-set of these reports (these are views of the entire system).

Do you have all the information you need to maximize your profits ?

We do. HighBeam Analytics can give you a clear view of today and the road ahead, so you can make smarter decisions.
Drive your strategy with data:

Let HighBeam shine the light on your Online Retail sales and profits. 

Works with any system.

If it has a database, we can talk to it. HighBeam Analytics syncs with your Accounting, Inventory, E-commerce and Social Media systems to tell you what your sales, profits, and cash flow will be months before it occurs.

Guide your strategy with data.

We can anticipate trends, seasonality, correlations, and anomalies. It is all built into super-easy, intuitive dashboards for non-technical, non-financial managers to use - no software training required.  And, the entire process is turn-key so managers can focus on leading, not analysis.

Jeremy Whisnant​
Head of Global E-Commerce

This tool is a true game-changer; nothing out there is as comprehensive and intuitive.  As an e-commerce retailer, in addition to fighting competitors, you have to navigate suppliers, Amazon, your web platform, Facebook, and Google - all of which are in it for themselves.  Today, every successful e-tailer needs advanced, user-friendly analytics to compete.  HighBeam created the right tool at the right time for smart retailers.

Steve Cicalese
CEO, AMZ Advisers

After 5 years of Amazon consulting, I think I have seen every analysis tool out there.  Some are fantastic, others are just fancy Excel. What HighBeam has built is truly amazing. Beyond ease-of-use, more than just smart KPIs, HighBeam predicts your future so you make changes today that are a direct line to profits tomorrow. This may be the single best technology investment you can make."

Scott Arnold
(Former) CFO, Sway Ventures

Every year I see new technology solutions that promise the world, unfortunately few deliver.  The simple yet highly sophisticated HighBeam system gives business owners and their managers incredible and immediate insight into the most critical information they need to drive success.  This is a "must have" for any Amazon retailer.

High Beam Analytics is an operational system for your Amazon business.

We're providing businesses of all sizes access to the same analytics systems as the big guys. Drive your business like the pros.

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