Big company analytics for the rest of us

Smarter Managers | Better Decisions



Step 1.   Qualification

We start by understanding how you manage your company and your data.  We are "system agnostic", but we're only as good as the information you can provide us.  We'll ask a few questions and look to understand your needs and goals.


From there, if we all agree that your company is an excellent candidate for our services, we'll move forward.  

Step 2.

The Baseline View

We just need standard reports or we can get the data directly via API. 


Typical management time to get an initial forecast is less than 2 hours of total team effort.


  1. Discovery

  2. Data Collection

  3. Initial Analysis & Review

  4. Data Refinement

  5. Baseline View

Step 3. 

Establising Forecasts

This is where the real value is found. 


We update as needed which allows you to evaluate original assumptions against actuals. This allows you to quickly see when and where you might be off your strategic track so you can make immediate changes. 

  • See if you're on track to meet goals

  • Visual monitoring of execution

  • Powerful view of resources

  • Make strategic adjustments quickly


Strategic Consulting

The good news is you now have an incredible view forward of your company's performance.  But often clients need additional support to execute strategies or understand the nature of an issue.

We are here for you.

We can bill hourly or you can request a fixed-price block of time.   

This is just a few of the dashboards we deliver at start. 

From here, we create custom views to address your company's specific needs.

  • Cash Available Forecast

  • Operating Cash Flow Forecast

  • Revenue Forecast

  • COGS Forecast

  • Profitability Forecast

  • Current Ratio

  • Quick and True Quick Ratios

  • ROI and ROA Ratios

  • Debt to Equity Ratio

  • Sales against Quota Status

  • Revenue by Sales Person

  • Pipeline Forecast

  • Accuracy of previous forecasts  

  • Revenue by product vs. forecast

  • Revenue by customer vs. forecast 

  • Commission forecasts

  • Cash in use by SKU/Product Group (PG)

  • Contributing Margin by SKU/PG

  • Inventory on hand by SKU/PG

  • Average inventory by SKU/PG

  • Quantity sold by SKU/PG

  • Best performing products by SKU/PG

  • SKUs sorted by PG or other criteria