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Smarter Leaders.  Better Decisions.


For most of us, investing in Data Analytics is a daunting task that promises to be complicated, expensive and time-consuming. 

If your a distributor - we have a better way. 

InsightQ   reads data from multiple sources (ERP, CRM, Social Meda etc.) and delivers intelligent predictive visual analysis specifically for distributors quickly and affordably.   


We solved this for you.


"Data analytics involves the use of data, statistical analysis, and quantitative methods to help businesses make informed decisions. Business analytics aims to extract insights from large datasets to support strategic planning, operational improvements, and performance optimization. It involves gathering data from various sources, cleaning and organizing it, analyzing it using statistical methods and algorithms, and then interpreting the results to guide decision-making. Business analytics can be applied in various areas such as marketing, finance, operations, supply chain management, and human resources to improve efficiency, identify opportunities, mitigate risks, and gain competitive advantages.

“Without data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway.” 

~ Geoffrey Moore 

Three questions to know if your company can benefit from Data Analytics.

If you are dependent on Excel for critical information, this may be one of the easiest decisions you can make.

The three biggest misconceptions of Data Analytics

Data analytics can be complex, overwhelming and expensive.  Unless you use HighBeam.

(some of) The benefits you should expect from your Data Analytics

Data Analytics can provide answers to your most important questions.  Here is how.

How to determine if you're getting a good ROI on an investment.

You can save money, you can make money or you can increase value.  Here's how to calculate.

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