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We are your entire Data Analytics solution.

Smarter Leaders.  Better Decisions.


Data Analytics is most valuable when it is affordable and easy to use.  So we designed it that way. You can start with "Quick Launch"  and move up to "MultiChannel" anytime you want.  And in a few short months, we'll be offering smartAI to deliver even greater value to your investment.



Quick Launch




  • Connect to your ERP

  • Onboard in 30 days or less

  • Ready & Custom Reports 

  • Very Affordable

  • Connect to ERP + CRM + GA

  • Additional Data Sources as needed

  • Extended support

  • Increadible Insight and Value

  • Generative AI

  • Ongoing Prompt Engineering

  • Unlimited Data Sources

Generative AI: Releasing Soon




Releasing 2024

What is smartAI?

Think of Generative AI like an aircraft autopilot.  It is invaluable when a skilled pilot is instructing it on what task it needs to perform.  The InsightQ  data platform - with our skilled pilots - is ideal for leveraging the value of AI in your company.


Specific: AI adds the greatest value when pointed at a specific, well defined problem (and data set).
Managed:  Getting the best response requires an interative query process.
Applicable:  Any answer does not help.  You need an answer to your specific query.
Responsive: Results need to address questions quickly.  AI is remarkably brilliant at this. 
Timely:  The world is moving faster, you need answers faster.  

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Every company is different - there is no "one way".  We created a platform that delivers core data that everyone needs.  Then we work with your team to give you the insight you need into your business -  the way you need it most.
And as you discover new opportunities, we customize to meet your specific strategies.

You are trusting us with your information. 
We won't let you down.

When your policy is to not share personal or identifiable information, there is not much more to say. 

So our policy is pretty brief. 

  • We assume you are "opt out" of us sharing your personal or identifiable information with other parties.  

  • We don't sell or provide your personal or identifiable information to anyone else. 

  • When using the HighBeam Information System (HiBIS), we store certain amount of user data on your browser. As soon as you close the browser, that data will be deleted by your browser.

  • We DO gather and use anonomyzed data, and we clearly state that in your contract.  

  • We DO collect data from your approved sources including Quickbooks, Netsuite, Google, Shopify, Amazon, Facebook etc.  You give us explicit permission to gather this information in the onboarding process, and we share only with those individuals who you select.   

  • We DO use Google Analytics to look at page views and other marketing information for internal use only, and we never share that with anyone else for any reason.

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