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Optimize your 

Cash Flow




Time to leverage AI before your competition does? 

We supercharge your ERP in days.


Using the data you already have, we give you powerful predictive information to maximize sales, improve marketing, increase profits and maintain perfect inventory levels to optimize cash flow.

Time Chart

See clearly what your customers want.

We forecast demand so you focus ads to what sells.


Increase Customer
Life Time value.

When you stock what your customers are buying, they by more.

Money Bag

Optimized cash flow and use of capital.

Never hold too much inventory so your cash is always working.

Do you have all the information you need to maximize your profits ?

HighBeam Analytics can give you a clear view of today and the road ahead, so you can make smarter decisions.

Man with a pen

Drive your strategy with data:

  • No more running out of stock or over-purchasing

  • Have confidence in your sales pipeline

  • Forecast your cash flow

  • Enhance the performance of every advertising dollar

  • Optimize your entire supply chain

  • Reduced fee and logistics costs

  • Increased employee accountability

  • Plan your future and measure as you succeed

Jeremy Whisnant
Head of Global E-Commerce

This tool is a true game-changer; nothing out there is as comprehensive and intuitive.  As an e-commerce retailer, in addition to fighting competitors, you have to navigate suppliers, Amazon, your web platform, Facebook, and Google - all of which are in it for themselves.  Today, every successful e-tailer needs advanced, user-friendly analytics to compete.  HighBeam created the right tool at the right time for smart retailers.

What others say.

Steve Cicalese
CEO, AMZ Advisers

After 5 years of Amazon consulting, I think I have seen every analysis tool out there.  Some are fantastic, others are just fancy Excel. What HighBeam has built is truly amazing. Beyond ease-of-use, more than just smart KPIs, HighBeam predicts your future so you make changes today that are a direct line to profits tomorrow. This may be the single best technology investment you can make."

Scott Arnold
CFO, Sway Ventures

Every year I see new technology solutions that promise the world, unfortunately few deliver.  The simple yet highly sophisticated HighBeam system gives business owners and their managers incredible and immediate insight into the most critical information they need to drive success.  This is a "must have" for any Amazon retailer.


Happy to discuss how HighBeam can enhance your profits and cash flow.

Tel: 858-735-5928

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